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The Book of Wordeee
Humor | English

A demo of an interactive e-book. Learn about the story of Wordeee! How the concept came along, how the team met; the dreams, the ambitions, and finally the result! Wordeee launches October 26, 2016!


Written by: Marva Allen

Edited by: Patrice Samara

Designed by: Fusion Second 

Edition Number: Wordeee Edition
Publication Date: Oct 22, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-946274-02-1
Hard Cover Details
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Wordeee Admin
Oct 30, 2016
Hey, Welcome to the Wordeee Lounge. It is here that you will be kept informed on all things happening with Wordeee such as upcoming Seminars, Conferences, Pop-Up Events, Live the Book travel experiences, new releases, new offerings and so much more. We are so very excited to see you and look ...Read More
Wordeee Admin
Oct 27, 2016
We need a Wordeee visit to your ...Read More