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Oath to Honor
Fiction | English

Five friends bound to honor each other as they navigate life in the streets of Harlem.  The female assassins plus one, are ruthless when it comes to business.  at nine years old Tia is forced to do whatever it takes to protect her family after her mother's sudden death.  Surviving the streets is the only way she knows how navigate her new life.  Tia becomes a deadly player in the game and the leader of a fierce gang.  But  Tia dreams of the day when she would graduate from college and leave this life beyond.  Armed with her degree she would find a legitimate way to protective and provide for her family.  Tia's soon-to-be dream world however, takes a turn for the worse when her younger sister becomes involved with the most notorious drug lord in the game….and to make matters worse, Tia falls hard for the DA who maybe the one to put her away!