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An Extraordinary Ordinary Life
Memoir | English

Join Susan Bari on a journey that had no road map. Travel through a time when the world of work was not welcoming to women.  Failures and risks were the ruts in the road and the success of a meaningful life was the destination. Born to a loving and traditional family, Susan learned to pursue her own goals at an early age and faced familial and societal road blocks with courage and determination. Susan decided that if you could not get a job that fit your talents and desires, you could create your own. In the process, Susan along with friends, colleagues and mentors created opportunities for thousands of women entrepreneurs pursuing their own unique journeys. Starting with a traditional career as a school teacher, Susan became a pioneer for women in the 1970s as the first independent manufacturers’ representative in the textile industry. Seeking and failing to find support and education for entrepreneurship in the traditional world, she found that she had to create her own.