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Fiction | English

Helen Stern has reason to be livid. She was abandoned at birth by her mother. Dubbed a freak by her classmates because she has what they called Hocus Pocus, Helen was never allowed to live a normal existence. Helen prays nightly for an escape, often fantasizing that her birth mother would one-day rescue her from the madness that had become her life. On her fourteenth birthday, Helen meets the exquisite and beautiful billionairesses, Andrea Jacobson-Preston with whom she feels immediate kinship. In the picturesque English garden of her Rollan Hills home, Helen feels compelled to pour out her soul to this stranger. Four years later Helens life shatters when she learns that the woman at her party was in fact her birth mother. Vowing revenge Helen embarks on a clandestine plan to destroy Andrea Jacobson. When Maya, Helens adopted mother unexpectedly dies, Helen learns the truth surrounding her perceived abandonment. Too late to turn back the clock on her clandestine plan, she must prepare herself for the worst for the success of her plan will not only destroy her mother but in the process destroy her very soul.