October 23, 2016
Next Book ideas?

What do you think we should write about for book two?

Natasha Moulton-Levy
December 14.2016
Thank you Sally. Those are great perspectives to share. I love them all but I especially love school and friendship. Julian and I will incorporate it into a book. We just need to find time to sit down and write one. Thank you for reading the book. I cannot wait for your grandchildren. I look forward to hearing what they have to say as well. Thank you and all the best to you as well. Natasha
Abe Sulfaro
December 04.2016
Dear Julian and Natasha, It would be inspiring and meaningful to hear your (Julian's) perspectives on life, family, school, friendship and the very large world you've been exposed to thus far. The love and wonderful experiences from your travel have given you a broader view of humanity than most other people will ever have....especially young people your age. What does all this mean to you? I've read No Limits: No Boundaries! and love it. We're saving it for the grandchildren we might have someday. Keep on keepin' on, young man. All the best to you, Sally Sulfaro
Natasha Moulton-Levy
November 01.2016
I love where in the world. How should we do it? Where in the world should Julian go next?
Wordeee Admin
October 30.2016
How about where is the World is Julian? Let's all go on a Julian Journey tour. Wouldn't we love those Delta platinum points!
Natasha Moulton-Levy
October 28.2016
Part Two would be wonderful! He has had a great experience since the book has been published. He has met lots of people and has been able to talk about learning differently and that it is ok.
Patrice Samara
October 26.2016
Part Two would be great! Let's find out about Julian's experiences since the book was published.
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