November 29, 2016
Let us continue to share Julian's story.

Today, we had the honor of sharing Julian's story on a panel with Stacey Hull, a Special Olympian, Joe Flacco and Dennis Pitta from the Baltimore Ravens. What a great forum to talk about the adversity that they have all faced. We would love to continue this conversation around the globe We need to let people know it is ok to be different. We just need to find what works for each of us. Let us keep talking together and find our strengths and make them work for us.

Patrice Samara
September 15.2017
When will Julian and Natasha be coming to New York?
Natasha Moulton-Levy
December 14.2016
We are doing our best a little bit at a time. Thank you!
Wordeee Admin
November 30.2016
Thank you so much for posting this! Inspiring and and empowering!
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