April 17, 2017

Recently, Prince Harry publicly shared his struggle regarding the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and, in essence, revealed how even he, born of and raised in royalty, couldn't handle the loss on his own and had to engage professional mental help. Different as our backgrounds are, one thing reunites Prince Harry and me: we both lost our loved ones in tragic but avoidable circumstances. Obviously, the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana's death are by a matter of record worldwide, while those pertaining to my daughter are known only by a handful of people. Needless to say, in no way this mitigates our respective pain and suffering, and, hence, the reason Prince Harry's public service is the more important and relevant. So many people are struggling with the loss of their loved ones, with few of them knowing how to express and/or cope with it. One doesn't need a college degree to understand the possible and actual ramifications of pent up emotions--may they be about grieving the dead or otherwise--on one's relationship with the self and others.

Below is a link to Prince Harry's "Heads together" mental health public service, which re-affirms my (and, I'm sure, many others') belief, that Princess Diana indeed raised some decent sons. In the meantime, let us join together in shining a bright light on mental illnesses and banish the darkness upon which shame and stigma feed and thrive.

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Noureddine Korek
April 18.2017
Waithĩra it seems you missed the link... Can you please edit the post so we can use the link again? Thanks alot!
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