July 21, 2017

Suicide has taken yet another young, vibrant life and the world is worse for it! When will it end? Telling by some of the twitter comments I read regarding the famed musician, Chester Bennington, not any time soon. Mental illness, which is often accompanied by addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, and its resultant suicide are still widely misunderstood.

"How many screams must continue to die in the wind?" (The line's from the title of one of the poems in my book, REQUIEM FOR NJERI, dedicated to my beloved daughter whose short life was taken by bipolar-the book's offered on here, via Wordeee)

If someone--family member, friend and even stranger--says or tells you s/he is contemplating suicide, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Do EVERYTHING possible to get that person help, even if this means contacting law authorities. Don't be afraid of losing her/his friendship because, frankly, which is worse, loss of friendship or A PERSON'S LIFE?

Lets us all work together to learn more about mental illness and suicide and, in the process, eradicate the shame and stigma that keep many people away from getting and seeking medical help.

Wishing all a robust health.


Patrice Samara
July 27.2017
Raising awareness...not being silent...we applaud you!
Wordeee Admin
July 22.2017
Sometimes they are so interconnected...the racing mind...drug use...the racing mind...
Noureddine Korek
July 21.2017
Waithira? Do you think the case of Chester Bennington also a case of mental illness? Or are there other causes for suicide or attempted Suicide? Let me know of your thoughts please!
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