September 26, 2017
It’s not a competition… but evidently we are all mad...

“Abnormal is the new normal — at least for mental health. Only a small share of the population stays mentally healthy from age 11 to 38. Everyone else experiences a mental illness at some point, a new study finds.”

Click on the link below to read the whole article. In the meantime, here’s what I’m doing to help improve the lives of the many people who struggle with mental illness.

Today’s my birthday and I’ve chosen to make a donation to the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in honor of my beloved late daughter, Njeri, whose young life was taken by bipolar. I’m also asking my friends, acquaintances and everyone who chances to see this post, to join me in this worthy cause.

To donate, go to then follow these simple steps:

1) Press the button (at the top) which says, “DONATE.”

2) Fill out the simple form with your personal data.

3) Select EITHER “In honor of” OR “In memory of” and write “NJERI” in the space provided.

4) Indicate the $amount that you’re donating.

OR, you can mail check to: NAMI, WESTCHESTER
100 Clearbrook Road,
Elmsford, New York 10523

For any questions, call (914) 592-5458. Ask for Karen

As NAMI reminds us, “no gift is too small.”

Indeed, the Waswahili say, “hapa na hapa kujaza kibaba.” (little by little fills the measure).

So, feel free to give what you can--$5, $10, $50, $100, etc. NAMI & the many people who battle daily with mental disease will be just as grateful to you as anyone giving 100x, 1000x or more.

We all can, in big or our own small ways, make a difference. Let’s help stamp out the shame and stigma of mental illness.

Wishing everyone robust mental & physical health.

Please note: Even if you happen to see this after today’s date, kindly still donate. There’s no expiration date for giving. :)

Waithĩra Mbuthia-Protano
September 27.2017
I like how promptly Noureddine Korek responds whenever I'm in need of help, as was the case when I emailed to tell him that the link in my latest post didn't work. He fixed it immediately. Thanks again, Noureddine. And thanks, Patrice Samara, for your kind & encouraging words.
Patrice Samara
September 26.2017
What could be more of a special birthday gift than to give to others? You have given a kind gift to help many. Brava and happy birthday...and happy everyday!
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