February 15, 2018
LADYBUG LILY is almost here!!!!

I'm so excited to share this fable with children and adults alike!
--Finally old enough to play with other ladybugs, Lily realizes that she does not have as many black spots on her back as other ladybugs. Lily becomes so obsessed with figuring out how to get more spots on her back that she stops playing with her friends. Lily finds a witch that agrees to put more spots on her but only if Lily returns to the witch’s hut with more ladybugs to watch it happen. Lily convinces some of her friends to go back to see the witch’s magic only to be captured by the witch for use in her potions. Lily discovers her gift that helps her save her friends and herself.---
Coming soon!

Joy Dawkins
August 19.2018
This is a great book for classroom story time. Great message and wonderful pictures.
Wordeee Admin
May 06.2018
We are looking forward to the publicaion.
Noureddine Korek
April 17.2018
Best of luck!
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