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Children’s | English

Ladybug Lilly didn't fit in.  She only had one spot. Journey with her as the navigates the world of differences. 12.95

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Mystery | English

Melanie Eagleton is staring into the cold waters of Long Island Sound on the deck of the cottage she promised to remake at the death of...
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Fable | English

Three young women redefine the importance of friendship & patience through knitting & vengeance.
They’re tired of being told to wait. It all began when they were told...
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Fiction | English

Helen Stern has reason to be livid. She was abandoned at birth by her mother. Dubbed a freak by her classmates because she has what they...
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Memoir | English

Life offered us the opportunity to expedite our dreams of living outside the city...and we took it.

Now, we have to figure out how to do it

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Fiction | English

The superficial life is one that denies authenticity. Yet, life, at some point demands nothing but authenticity.   For Emily Francis and her three daughters, the cataclysmic...
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Thomas M. Easley was born in Oroville, California and raised at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He has spent most of his adult life in Europe and Asia. The study and practice of the principles of philosophy and metaphysics, which began for Easley as a child, have taken him through a number of professions, from music and song writing in ...

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February 15, 2018
LADYBUG LILY is almost here!!!!
Adolpha Cole

I'm so excited to share this fable with children and adults alike! --Finally old enough to play with other ladybugs, Lily realizes that she does not have as many black spots on her back as other ladybugs. Lily becomes so obsessed with figuring out how to get more spots on her back that she stops ...Read More

February 6, 2018
What was Harlem like in the 90’s
Tra'von Williams

Growing up in Harlem during the mid 80’s and 90’s was a happy yet depressing time. For many who lived in that urban setting can relate to the complex meaning of that first paragraph, for me Harlem was’nt just a place I called home, it was a lifestyle,.. a way of living that ...Read More


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